Three productions from the past, but ones that hold a certain place in our hearts.

The journey of recording drama has been a long one over the last decade, and these three plays go back to the early days. Much more in the structure of two act theatre pieces (long before we started recording for broadcast) the world of political machinations are very much to the fore in these productions.

They are all in MP3 format.

Please feel free to copy to all of your friends and contacts.

Unlike the plays for broadcast however they do in places contain strong language.

We hope you enjoy them.
John and Sheila

Vernon Baker is on a roll, so close to electoral success, to the US Senate that he can almost taste it, ready to take his seat among the political elite and establish his place in history.

Nothing, he believes can stop him now…

Suddenly a political stunt takes the final days campaigning in an altogether different direction. The agenda is hijacked and the news cycle is primed to search through Vernon’s past, a career rich with allegation and possible compromise.

Only in the campaigns inner cabal can Vernon truly find solace and commitment to his cause…or so he thinks.

At the eleventh hour of the contest those on the inside show their true colours and where their real allegiances lie, ultimately to themselves.

Vernon, his political advisor Adam Sellars and Vernon’s wife Teri-Anne, face blackmail, corruption and scandal all in the full glare of twenty-four hour news reporting.

As they tackle each impending public relations disaster the old lessons of history come to the fore as never before; it is never your opponents but those closest to you…that bring you down.

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Whose side, is anyone on?

Two politicians, from opposite sides of the House...
Left and Right, red and blue, male and female.
Brian and Alison, share a secret, a clandestine arrangement that neither might reveal beyond their shrouded meetings.

In the twenty-four hour news agenda, focus groups, a hostile media, and a Prime Minister struggling in the Commons, Alison and Brian must break, betray and bend every rule to keep the national leader one step ahead of the opposition.

But in the world of low skulduggery and frustrated ambitions you can never be entirely sure if what is said is the whole, or even partly, the truth.

And whose side your closest friend and ally is really on…

Yours…or their own?

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Four politicians, at a mid-season conference, struggle to out manoeuvre each other in the great game of power.

How long does the Prime Minister really intend to stay in his job?

David Barry is the man to beat, charismatic, confidant, and surrounded by political opponents he must plot his way through a minefield of potential blackmail, corruption and scandal. With an ambitious Chancellor, a new Parliamentary Private Secretary and a hopeless Junior Minister, he stays true to the oldest adage in political life; keep your friends close, but your enemies even closer.

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