The Mysterious Voice

How does one survice in Business? When the knives are out and budgets are getting cut, how does one stay ahead of the game and avoid the pitfalls? It's good to have a friend, someone on your side, a mysterious voice perhaps ... down the end of the phone ...

The Negotiations of Reasden Castle

How does one hold dominion over another? Is it money, or power, or even food or water? When the idyllic life at the remote castle Readen is threatended by new arrivals, things start to change and the balance of power that had remained unaltered for centuries becomes unstable. However in chaos there is always opportunity ... if one knows how to apply it.

The Interview

Money is a curious thing. To some a great liberator, to others a trap. But what if you were in a position to either liberate or entrap someone else? Would you happily step back and watch others do damage to themselves just because you were doing your job? Would you try to intervene and do the right thing?

Not Yet The Time

It was once said that we all have an alloted time. If the fates determine that it is your time to go, then go you will. If the stars are in the right aligmment, the oracle had prenounced, the prophecy has declared, or you've just stepped out in front of the number eleven bus ... then so be it! But what if that hasn't happened, what in effect if, ... it simply isn't yout time?